G4 - The e-Board by BajaBoard

G4 - The e-Board by BajaBoard

PRICE: € 3,093.00

G4 - The e-Board by BajaBoard

PRICE: €3,093.00
20 August 2019

Let the adventure begins by making use of BajaBoard's G4 e-Board which has an unrivaled top speed of 32mph in street setup, corners will turn into apexes, wide-open paths and open stretches into runways which will all make your list of favorite powder runs. It features a censored brushless motor combine to push high power to the ground, and provides you with a firm grip, softness and durability.

It also features a magnetic trigger controls for smoothest acceleration and brake feeling. LCD digital screen giving real time riding data such as speed, distance and board diagnostics, thereby; turning any road or path into the endless powder run of your dreams! G4 has an ergonomic design with a rubber over-mould for ultimate hand comfort.

Battery Pack:550Wh Li-ion
Recharge Time:1.5hrs
Tires:Pneumatic 254mm Diameter
Speed:53kph - 32mph
Range:25km - 15mi
Weight:20Kg - 44lbs
Hill Climb:35% Grade from Standing Start
Max Payload:120kg (heavy off-road)
Overall Dimension:1250mm x 495mm x 280mm