Onewheel Pint by Future Motion

Onewheel Pint by Future Motion

PRICE: $ 950.00

Onewheel Pint by Future Motion

PRICE: $950.00
30 September 2019

Onewheel pint delivers electrifying and enjoyable riding experience. Either for adventures or everyday journeys, the one-wheel pint is an electric unicycle that allows automatic and controlled movement as you glide through your desired path.

Compact design allows smooth movement. You can take it on the bus, to a coffee shop or slash it under your desk. After each riding session, the mag handle makes for convenient handling.

It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned rider or learner, the Simplestop dismount technology enables new riders to control, learn, and feel more confident about their skill.

Lightbar on the front footpad complements the sense pad indication. Battery powered, you get 16mph speed time which can be extended to 26kph. With optional pint ultracharger, you can reduce the charging time by 2 hours. Order the Onewheel Pint now for a thrilling riding session and experience.

Top Speed16mph
Tire10.5in x 4.5-6in Onewheel
Motor750W Hypercore® Hub Motor
DimensionsSize: 8.75in x 10.5in x 27in (222mm x 266mm x 689mm)
Weight: 23lbs
Max Lean Angle>30 degrees
SensorsSolid State MEMS 6-DOF
LightbarSense Pad Indication, Battery Monitoring and In-Ride Alerts
Dismount TechnologySimplestop