SX-5 SLEEK by Velox

SX-5 SLEEK by Velox

PRICE: $ 2,595.00

SX-5 SLEEK by Velox

PRICE: $2,595.00
16 December 2019

The SX-5 is agile and responsive. Four sensored brushless hub motors are paired with 9 inch tubeless off-road tires, delivering the performance needed for off road electric skateboarding. And when things get rough, the six plus inches of suspension travel will keep it riding smooth and in control.

Bomb a trail, shred the track or take on a technical crawl, the SX-5 has the speed to keep you exhilarated, the power to keep you going and the handling to keep you standing.

  • Range: ≅12 miles (4WD Mode)
  • Top Speed: ≅25 MPH
  • Drive Settings: Two or Four Wheel Drive
  • Slope: 25% Grade
  • Deck Material: Maple Composite
  • Deck length: 44.5 Inches
  • Wheelbase: 36 Inches
  • Shocks: Nitrogen Charged - Adjustable Coil Pre-Load
  • Tires: 9⌀" Off Road, Tubeless Directional Tread
  • Drive Motors: 4X High Torque, Sensored, Brushless
  • Chassis: 6061-T6-Extruded, TIG Weld
  • Battery: 10s8p 36V 720Wh Lithium Ion, Proprietary BMS
  • Charge Time: 4-5 Hrs (@2A)
  • Weight: 68lbs
  • Braking: Regenerative Electrical Resistance
  • Recommended Max Load: 220lbs
  • ESC: RF 2.4gHz, Handheld Rechargeable Remote, Cruise Control Feature
  • Includes: Ratcheting Bindings, Battery Charger, Remote Control