ELANA Himalayan Salt Lamp by Levoit

ELANA Himalayan Salt Lamp by Levoit

PRICE: $ 25.99

ELANA Himalayan Salt Lamp by Levoit

PRICE: $25.99
20 December 2019

A Professionally hand-carved Himalayan rock salt from Pakistan sets the Elana Salt Lamp in the top gifts for birthdays, graduations and any other special occasions.

The Highest Quality Natural Salt Lamp creates a chilling atmosphere cause the lamp gives out a warm, amber glow! 

Suitable for the center of a coffee table or desk. Extraordinary for yoga activities, a night light, or on your bedside table. 

The Touch Dimmer Switch (US 120V only)  lets you tap and hold to brighten or dim. The cord is UL certified, freeing you from a possible fire damage. Levoit has not been involved in any of the recent salt lamp recalls. Real rubberwood base is non toxic and sits stably on furniture. A lamp with a long duration, termite-resistant, and prolonged use.

  • Power Supply: AC 120V / 60Hz
  • Rated Power: 15W
  • Power Cord Length: 6.6 ft / 2 m
  • Well Accessorized: Generous 6.6-foot power cord 2 extra original 15 watt bulbs included in the box (replacement bulbs are available for separate purchase as needed search: “Levoit light bulbs”)
  • FCC, CE, ROHS Approved: While size, color, and shape may differ from one lamp to another owing to the natural variations in Himalayan crystal salt weight, you’ll always get a quality product.
  • Always Supported: 1-year warranty and lifetime support from Levoit