Air i Plus by PURUS

Air i Plus by PURUS

PRICE: $ 128.00

Air i Plus by PURUS

PRICE: $128.00
01 May 2020

Air i Plus by PURUS is a product that will purify the air around you with the most portable way. It is your personal air quality guardian and is always monitoring. No matter how tough your surroundings get, it's always there to make you breathe better.

Air i Plus has three essential features that are really important when it comes to personal air purifiers. Moreover, it is pretty darn portable for your convenience.

  • Product Dimension: 80x80x200mm
  • Product Weight: 580g
  • Power Supply: 12V1A / 0.7A
  • Power Consumption: ~3W
  • Noise Level: <25dB~<45dB
  • Air Flow Rate: 2CMH~7.5CMH