Siro by Safera

Siro by Safera

PRICE: £ 349.99

Siro by Safera

PRICE: £349.99
03 March 2020

Safera Siro is a stylish and discreet stove guard available pre-installed in the extractor hood or canopy of your choice. Safera Siro stove guard offers a guaranteed and reliable solution to avoiding cooking fires. It has an intelligent four-sensor system, thanks to which Safera quickly stops any risky situations without interfering with everyday cooking. Its unique LED light strips show alarms using distinct colours, where at the same time an alarm can be acknowledged by pushing a button.

The Safera Siro stove guard is immediately ready for use after installation thanks to its reliable and tested wireless connection. Easy-to-setup 2-way wireless connection (2,4 GHz) and the auto-detection of cooker type makes the installation easy and fast. It also doesn't need batteries since it works with the main power.

Smart home or home automation system connection available for remote alarm etc. You can further improve the safety and comfort of your kitchen with accessories: Safera Water Leakage Sensor, Fire Extinguisher Unit.

    Central Unit

    • Power supply: 230 V ∼ 1 N, 47–60 Hz, Output voltage of the power source 5 V 1 A
    • Power consumption: 1 W
    • Wireless connection: Safera RobustLink, 2,4 GHz. Range 10 –100 m, depending on the building structure
    • Pollution degree: 2

    Power Control Unit

    • Compatibility: Most electric cookers and hobs used in private homes
    • Power consumption: 2 W (PCU6.3 = 4 W)
    • Control type: According to IEC/EN 60730 - 1 : Type 1.B
    • Pollution degree: 2
    • Impulse voltage rating: 4 kV
    • Ball pressure test rating: 100 °C

    Extinguisher Unit (optional)

    • Compatibility: Typical cooktop fires, including grease fires
    • Power supply: 5 V
    • Power consumption: 0 W, in an extinguishing situation 5 W
    • Fire extinguishing agent: 0,4 l Fettex, a class F fire extinguishing agent
    • Dimensions: 70 x 70 x 350 mm
    • Service cycle: 5 years