ThawTHAT!Deluxe - Premium Kitchenware by THAT!

ThawTHAT!Deluxe - Premium Kitchenware by THAT!

PRICE: $ 79.95

ThawTHAT!Deluxe - Premium Kitchenware by THAT!

PRICE: $79.95
23 April 2019

Thawing food from frozen can be a time-consuming and dangerous process if you don't do it completely right. With ThawTHAT!Deluxe defrosting board, you can rest easy, knowing that thawing meat has never been so easy. Share gray with a wood grain, and stylish, the ThawTHAT has a very barely acceptable tilt to drain melt fluid from your food to the integrated reservoir below, keeping your food away from germs that can accumulate during the thawing process. With gentle, even defrosting, you don't have to worry about defiling the taste of your meat that comes from different defrosting methods, like using a microwave that defrosts unevenly. You can defrost while you cook instead of the day before, in order to maximize your free time, defrosting on a green defrosting board that looks like a stylish cutting board.


Options:Cool Silver/ Hot Copper
Dimensions:321mm (L) x 200mm (W) x 20mm (H)