Loki Sphere One Probe Bundle

Loki Sphere One Probe Bundle

PRICE: $ 149.00

Loki Sphere One Probe Bundle

PRICE: $149.00
05 September 2019

Make use of the Loki smart wi-fi meat thermometer to help you track your main course to a perfect finish while enjoying the party or the game across town! The Loki sphere thermometer brings you the perfect experience whether you’re cooking pork on the grill, brisket in the smoker, or turkey in the oven, the Loki thermometer makes it easier for you to set it and continue with other activities.

The Loki thermometer monitors and records your meat’s progress and sends notifications through the Loki app on your Android or iOS mobile device when your meat is ready! It provides you with a suggestion for cook times, temps or recipes, which makes it perfect for your everyday use. You can now go to work, gym or hang out with friends with confidence knowing that the status of your meal is at your fingertips.

IncludesLoki Sphere, Loki Smart Link Dual Sensor Probe
Loki Carrying Case, 9V Battery
USB Wall Supply, 6ft USB Power Cable
Network2.4GHz 802.11 n
BatteryApproximately up to 200 Hours
InputsUp to 4 Probes
Meat Sensor & Ambient SensorK-Type
Color Glow RingYes
Magnetic BaseYes
Probe CableYes