Precision Bakeware System by FirstBuild

Precision Bakeware System by FirstBuild


Precision Bakeware System by FirstBuild

02 August 2019

Looking for a specific, perfect, and accurate tool to let determine when your bake is done? Precision bakeware system eliminates the guesswork that comes with baking. Pour your ingredients and let the temperature preset take care of the rest.

With cooking enthusiast, home cooks, and other bakers in mind, the FirstBuild’s bakeware system is simple to use and perfect for making brownies, cheesecake, layer cake, and suit other baking needs. You don’t have to jiggle around, often-check or perform a tooth-pick test to know when your bake is done.

Snap the magnetic knob directly onto the spring-form pan and put in your ingredients. With a dedicated App, the well-positioned thermometer monitors the internal temperature of the dish and send a notification to your phone when your bake is done. This is an awesome baking solution to complement your kitchen.

System includes:Custom springform pan
Innovative magnetic thermometer knob;
Lavatools CL1 Carbon LITE temperature probe
Eeasy-to-follow temperature guide 
Oven compatibility:Any oven