PLAATO - Reinventing the Airlock

PLAATO - Reinventing the Airlock

PRICE: $ 129.00

PLAATO - Reinventing the Airlock

PRICE: $129.00
16 November 2019

PLAATO is a new way of analyzing in progress fermentation. It's a reinvented airlock that sends information about your beer brewing fermentation straight to your phone. For every single batch, it generates a unique fermentation analysis report that lets you analytically understand what's going on. Plaato measures continuously the flow of CO2 of the fermenter and knows at any time the total amount of CO2 that has been generated by the fermentation. Since the fermentation process generates an equal amount of CO2 and ethanol, Plaato can use this data to calculate the Specific Gravity (SG), alcohol percentage and quantify the fermentation activity. Plaato works on every fermentation you would like to try (wine, cider). It's the perfect tool for beer brewers that wants a unique insight in the fermentation process.

Operational batch size:4-10 US gallons / 10-50L
Fermentation activity:(0-1000 bpm)
Gravity estimation:
In order for the gravity estimation to show correct values, 
the volume and Original Gravity of the batch must be typed in
Materials:Tritan® BPA-free high grade plastics