Growler Chill - The Smart Craft Beer Dispenser

Growler Chill - The Smart Craft Beer Dispenser

PRICE: $ 499.00

Growler Chill - The Smart Craft Beer Dispenser

PRICE: $499.00
01 June 2019

A smart home appliance that is designed to store and dispense craft beer. It has three separate insulated chill chambers, can, therefore, store up to three different beers. It is compatible with the standard 32 and 64 oz glass growled bottles, with a threaded cap. The way it works is by replacing the bottle's cap with the patent-pending Magic Top Cap, which allows the displacement of oxygen entered by CO2 when inserted into the Virginator™. This process prevents the development of off-flavors, therefore protects the beer which would otherwise be ruined. Once you place your inverted bottle inside the Growler Chill™ then you are ready to go, your favorite beer can now be dispensed for your pleasure! By using the relevant mobile application, you can remotely change the temperature settings, be notified when the beer is running low and be aware of the appliance's history as far as its maintenance and history are concerned.

Weight:69 lbs
Dimensions:16.5" high, 20.5" wide, 20" deep
Compatibility:64 oz. and 32 oz standard, threaded cap, glass growlers
Insulated Chill Chambers & Tap Handles:3
Features Include:Virginator™ (purging oxygen with carbon dioxide),
Growler Chill application, display screen
Package Includes:3 Magic Top Caps, CO2 cartridge, cleaning tablets