ACRO L1000 by Astell&Kern

ACRO L1000 by Astell&Kern

PRICE: $ 899.00

ACRO L1000 by Astell&Kern

PRICE: $899.00
28 February 2020

ACRO L1000 is the first Desktop Headphone Amplifier from Astell & Kern.

The Dual-DAC implementation is re-designed to execute at its best skillfulness with the new AMP circuit design in the L1000. This new design allows the ACRO L1000 to deliver a master-quality sound with minimal distortion. The L1000 plays back bit-to-bit high-resolution PCM digital audio up to 32bits. A 32-bit CPU has also been added for the most accurate processing of digital audio playback, without compromising audio quality. In this way, ACRO L1000 can reproduce up to 32bit/384kHz PCM as originally recorded, with no down-sampling. The L1000 also supports native DSD playback up to 11.2MHz, without conversion.

There are some audio output options to fit your needs.
You may connect it to a universal 3.5mm/6.3mm jack, or to a headphone or earphone with a 2.5mm/4-pole XLR balanced jack. Unlike other headphone amplifiers, the ACRO L1000 features speaker binding posts offering a maximum audio output of up to 15W per channel at 4 ohms.

You can also connect the ACRO L1000 to your PC or MAC via Micro USB cable.
When connecting it with a PC or a MAC, you may need to download an USB DAC driver for your OS.
Sound output will be available through ‘Audio-Output’ option in your sound settings.
The package does not include an OTG USB cable in the package.
And some useful information: t
he L1000 will be compatible with: AK380, AK320, AK300, KANN, AK70, AK70 MK, or SP1000

Filters for Different Audio Preferences:

  • The ACRO L1000 provides three sound settings: Neutral, Bass-Boost, and High-Gain filters to suit your preferences.
  • The Bass-Boost filter brings you deeper bass. The High-Gain filter provides more power output.
  • You can switch the different sound filters by simple pressing a button of L1000.
  • The color of the LED light changes with the mode selected.
  • Dual High-End AK4490 DACs Built-in 
  • PCM playback up to 32bit/384kHzNative DSD 256 playback supported
  • Support for various audio output options for Hi-Fi
  • 15W Audio Output per Channel for Stereo Speakers
  • Filters for Different Audio Preferences (Bass-boost, High-Gain)
  • Optimal design for both usability and sound playback