3D Pen Junior by MYNT3D

3D Pen Junior by MYNT3D

PRICE: $ 60.00

3D Pen Junior by MYNT3D

PRICE: $60.00
29 October 2019

This bright orange 3D pen by Mynt3d is specifically designed for kids with its ergonomic and easy to hold design.  The temperature is set at a safe low temperature so that it won't burn young children. The plastic that is used with the pen is stable biodegradable PCL plastic that goes through an assurance process to be free from impurities.

In the beautifully designed box, you get the 3D pen, 3 rolls of the Mynt3D PCL plastic, starter stencils, and a USB cable to make sure everything is charged up to get you started.

The pen is battery powered, and charges with Micro USB with a not included AC adapter.

PCL plastic is preferred with this 3D pen as it is not compatible ABS or PLA filament.