Petite Clip – Portable Movement Monitor by Babysense

Petite Clip – Portable Movement Monitor by Babysense

PRICE: $ 59.99

Petite Clip – Portable Movement Monitor by Babysense

PRICE: $59.99
09 March 2020

Petite Clip – Portable Movement Monitor by Babysense, constantly monitors your baby's movements, and it activates a gentle vibrating stimulation. It intends to detect cessation of movements in infants. It is a highly sensitive device that monitors a baby’s tummy movements through a sensor that clips to the baby’s diaper and gives an alert to caretakers if the infant’s micro-movements stop or become irregularly slow.

Using the Babysense baby movement monitor during the infants’ rest periods provides them with a sense of comfort and allows them to sleep and rest better knowing that their baby’s movements are constantly being monitored. Babysense Petite Clip is easy to use, reliable and works practically wherever your baby may fall asleep.

  • Pro-active vibration stimulation gently stirs baby if tummy movement stops for 15 seconds.
  • Built-in alarm sounds after 20 seconds of inactivity.
  • Safe design eliminates hazards posed by straps, cables or mains connections.
  • Senses Baby’s own tummy movements – ideal for multiple babies.
  • Allows sensitivity selection.
  • Optional low volume “tick-on-movement” sound for more reassurance.
  • Attaches to waistband of diaper or pants, can be used with vests.
  • Recommended for all babies during their first year.

Inside The Box

  • Movement Monitor
  • Protective Case
  • CR2 3.0v 1.2AHR Lithium Battery – preinstalled in the monitor
  • Battery Replacement Tool
  • User Manual