Rollux - The Expandable 2-in-1 Suitcase

Rollux - The Expandable 2-in-1 Suitcase

PRICE: $ 495.00 $349.00

Rollux - The Expandable 2-in-1 Suitcase

PRICE: $495.00 $349.00
03 October 2019

Never enough space in your luggage?

Rollux is an expandable 2-in-1 suitcase that allows you to use your bag both as a carry-on and as a full-size check-in suitcase depending on your needs. Rollux features a luxurious award-winning patented design that is truly space saving and efficient, made with quality fabrics and durable materials. 

This smart suitcase is cabin sized to relieve you from paying expensive baggage fees or having to buy an extra suitcase to fit your stuff. It is user-friendly due to the fact that it can be transformed into full-size easily and fast. Its 360° spinner wheels are detachable for extra convenience. 

Last but not least, it features a dedicated pocket for powerbank so that you can stay connected all the time and work on the go!

Locking MechanismYour Bag Always Stays Sturdy
Folding Mechanism MaterialPP, Fiberglass, Stainless Steel
HeightCarry-on: 40 cm/15.7 in
Full Size: 85 cm/ 33.4 in
VolumeCarry-on: 41 Liters
Full-Size: 93 Liters

Depth: 22 cm/8.6 in
Width: 50cm/ 19.6 in
WeightCarry-on: 4.2kg
Full-Size: 4.2kg
PocketsMultiple, Easy Access
Water ResistantYes