F38 Carry-On Luggage In Brown Leather by Vocier

F38 Carry-On Luggage In Brown Leather by Vocier

PRICE: € 995.00

F38 Carry-On Luggage In Brown Leather by Vocier

PRICE: €995.00
06 June 2019

F38 by Vocier is award-winning luggage, combining style, premium quality, and functionality. It is ultra strong and durable, guaranteed to last and age beautifully over time. This is achieved through its carefully thought construction using the finest materials, including Italian leather, polished aluminum zippers, and fiber reinforced plastic to withstand impact. F38 simply has an amazing design, being elegant, and revealing its creators' passion and attention to detail. It is of unparalleled practicality as it features extra hidden storage spaces. These include a handle compartment to hold your document travels and a Fast Pass™ pocket that you can access without having to open the whole suitcase, in order to eliminate any hassle as you go through security checks. There is also Vocier's patented magnetic Zero Crease™ system, which removes excessive pressure and allows your clothes to be packed without having to be folded, promising to keep them wrinkle-free through your journey. F38 in brown leather, by Vocier, is built to impress and make your travels light and carefree.

Weight:4 kg (8.8 lbs)
4.9 kilograms (10.8 lbs) including the Zero Crease™ compartment
Volume:37 lit
Dimensions:length: 55 cm x  width: 40 cm x height: 20 cm
Materials:exterior: Italian leather
interior: cotton twill
zipper: YKK Excella®
also BASF fiber-reinforced plastic
Features:travel document holder, Fast Pass™, Zero Crease™