Radiant® Wireless Charger by Legrand

Radiant® Wireless Charger by Legrand

PRICE: $ 85.68

Radiant® Wireless Charger by Legrand

PRICE: $85.68
20 November 2019

The new Radiant® Wireless Charger instantly provides a handy, clutter-free space to charge your phone. It replaces any standard outlet in your home using the existing electrical wiring, making installation simple. The radiant® Wireless Charger works with phones equipped with Qi technology.  The QI-standard guarantees the compatibility of smartphones from different manufacturers with induction charging, and guarantees you have the best of the technology with no connection restrictions. Place your smartphone on the wireless stand and charging begins automatically. And, thanks to the built-in USB port, you can charge your tablet or another mobile device at the same time. You can set the stand up in your entrance hall or above your kitchen counter so it is always convenient for charging the smart way.

Dimensions:Depth (US): 2.42"
Height (US): 4.92"
Width (US): 6.05"
Special Features:

3.1 Amps of total charging capacity