Nooie Cam 360 Camera Coverage

Nooie Cam 360 Camera Coverage


Nooie Cam 360 Camera Coverage

25 September 2019

This brilliant surveillance and home security equipment is very useful and quite functional. The Nooie camera 360 is an ultra-modern home security camera that records live video in high quality 1080p pictures. It also has motion detection such that the camera tilts 360° to follow all the action live, wherever you move to in a particular room.

Also featured with infra-red night vision, the Nooie camera provides clear video feeds in low lit conditions and the two-way audio feed feature ensures that you receive sound from the other room and talk right back. Also, Smart-app enabled, the Nooie Camera provides notifications wherever on your device you are, bringing peace and assuredness.

You can store footage in a micro SD card or in a secure cloud system, offering a playback medium whenever you miss action via live feed. The camera can also be rotated or tilted to follow the action via the smart app.

Camera Coverage360ᵒ
high Definition1080p
FeaturesPan & Tilt
AppInstant Notifications
Night Vision RangeUp to 32 feet
Infrared Lights940 nm
StorageMicro SD Card/Cloud
Resolution1080px 15fps
Wi-Fi2.4 GHz