Korner - Home Security For Everyone

Korner - Home Security For Everyone

PRICE: $ 98.00

Korner - Home Security For Everyone

PRICE: $98.00
19 November 2019

If you are Renters, Homeowners looking for something affordable, Students, Parents - for your kids who have moved out; for grandparents living alone, Vacation home renters and owners, Traveling workers, Korner is the ultimate solution for your home security. It's a security product for your apartment or home, designed so anyone can use it and everyone can afford it. Includes iOS and Android App. 

Korner allows you to pre-populate your app from the contacts in your phone with friends, family and neighbors such that any alerts can be instantly forwarded to the user's community, or Security Circle. This supports an inherently social form of Neighborhood Watch and provides a basic platform for communities to act.The App allows you to Arm and Disarm the system from anywhere you have smartphone response. Also, you can set an Arm/Disarm schedule so the system will automatically Arm and Disarm around your regular working hours. The App monitors the battery life of the Tags, and the App will automatically inform you when the batteries reach critical levels.

Price refers to 3 Sensor Pagckage.