PortoVino Wine Purse

PortoVino Wine Purse

PRICE: $ 74.95

PortoVino Wine Purse

PRICE: $74.95
19 June 2019

This classic-looking 15" 5" x 12" sized purse can hold and pour 2 bottles (1.5 Liters) of wine in an insulated secret zippered pocket. You can have wine wherever, this being the perfect amount for dinner, get-togethers or your next spa appointment. With enough room for the two bottles of wine, or beverage of your choice, and all of your necessary accouterments, you'll never be without wine or other refreshments as long as you have the PortoVino Wine Purse with you.

This innovative purse is made of vegan leather with a soft polyester interior, keeping your favorite beverages cold for hours in its designer BPA-free interior. This purse comes in 7 different colors: red, black, blue, aubergine, gold, platinum, and gray.

Size:15" 5" x 12"
Materials:Vegan leather
Soft polyester interior
Capacity:1.5L of any beverage
Colors:Red, Black, Blue, Aubergine, Gold, Grey