Zero - The First Vacuum Clothes Dryer by morus

Zero - The First Vacuum Clothes Dryer by morus

PRICE: $ 549.00 $329.00

Zero - The First Vacuum Clothes Dryer by morus

PRICE: $549.00 $329.00
24 July 2019

MORUS' new Zero vacuum clothes dryer is able to harness the pressure inside the dryer to lower the boiling point of the water. Through this method, called vacuum dehydration, it can achieve low-temperature, low-energy-consumption and high-speed clothes drying. This is a proven technology widely used in the food drying industry, and while it may sound easy enough, one of the biggest challenges was designing a vacuum pump that is compact and maintenance-free, as industrial vacuum pumps are always huge.

Morus Zero is the first countertop innovative tumble dryer in the world features fast-drying, fabric protection, and energy-saving.

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Size (W x H x D):15x18x20" / 38x46x51cm
Weight:44lb / 20kg
Drying capacity:3.3lb / 1.5kg
Drum size (D x H):11.5x10.4" / 29.1x26.4cm
Power:900W (Average)
Voltage:110V / 220V
Water tank capacity:1.2L
Interface:4 buttons & 512 dot LED matrix display
Colors:Chalk white & Lava gray
Cable length:6" / 1.8m