Wine Purifier by Üllo

Wine Purifier by Üllo

PRICE: $ 79.99

Wine Purifier by Üllo

PRICE: $79.99
20 June 2019

Sometimes wine needs a little lift. This Wine Purifier by Üllo lifts and restores wine to its natural flavor by purifying it of sulfites and sediments that would mar the natural state of wine.

Small and portable, the Üllo sits atop your standard wine glass or container that you wish to fill with wine, and awaits your pour, purifying the wine on its journey down to your glass.  The wine is purified and goes down a whirlpool-like designed flow into your container in its natural state. There is even a switch on the side that allows you to aerate or not aerate your wine by your choice. When you're not using it, you can stick your Üllo in its attractively simple display base to grab up those stray drips.

Materials:Dishwasher safe, BPA-free
Dimensions:Height 5 7/8” x Width: 4 3/8”
Made in:USA