VRGO mini with haptics

VRGO mini with haptics

PRICE: € 293.00 €199.00

VRGO mini with haptics

PRICE: €293.00 €199.00
14 January 2020

The new product of VRGO mini has deeper immersion, powerful haptics, and zero sim sickness. It has greater immersion into visual environments which is very important for the excellent VR experience. If you were looking for the most immersive locomotion system on the market, VRGO mini is the ideal choice.

VRGO mini is a device that sits on the top of a chair and allows the user to control movement through virtual reality. There is a 'tilt-to-move' device which allows smooth locomotion with just tilted your body and is easy to use. Your movements in a game are simply controlled by the Mini, while it is creating an immersive and an enjoyable VR experience. In addition, Mini is compatible with most of VR Headsets, VR Games and is the most versatile Locomotion on the market.

The VRGO Mini makes the perfect seated position for VR as the rocking ball inspires the user to sit up straight. The VRGO Mini supplies a gentle workout of the core muscles. With sufficient use you might even develop a six-pack!

VRGO mini offers to its customers the playful and pleasurable experience possible based on 6 factors:

1. Complicated controls: Complex control systems distract users attention from the virtual environment. 

2. Motion sickness: It uses body motion to move, while it matches signals that are being sent to the brain by the eye when movement is occurring. 

3. Simulated running: VR locomotion may have as a solution simulated running. 

4. Hand controllers: Using the hands to control movement limits the other useful applications of hand movement in VR.

5. Room scale: Room scale is immersive.

6. Teleportation: Unfortunately, teleportation hasn't been invented yet!


  • Thick foam cushioning
  • Strong structure for up to 150 kg
  • Width: 35cm


  • Four input modes
  • Calibration on power on


  • Lithium-ion polymer
  • 8 hours continuous gameplay
  • 1 hour fast charge


  • Wireless: Bluetooth 2.1
  • Signal range 10 metres