BIFOLD Smart Wallet by Volterman

BIFOLD Smart Wallet by Volterman

PRICE: $ 238.00 $169.00

BIFOLD Smart Wallet by Volterman

PRICE: $238.00 $169.00
25 March 2019

Volterman BIFOLD is a feature-rich, elegant and safe, smart wallet. Style and functionality, slim and lightweight, made from high-quality materials, Volterman BIFOLD redefines the wallet of the 21st century.

This revolutionary product includes built-in powerbank (2,600 mAh) that supports both wired and wireless charging, bluetooth distance alarm to get notified when you forget your wallet or phone behind, global GPS tracking system to find the wallet if gets stolen, worldwide Wi-Fi hotspot with cost-effective service, and an on-board anti-theft camera that once you set it to lost mode will send a shot of the person who opens your wallet, to your phone. Volterman BIFOLD smart wallet offers RFID protection against data theft and will safeguard your credit cards from being scanned.

Powerbank Capacity:2.600 mAh
Features:Distance Alarm, GPS Tracking, WiFi Hotspot, Thief Detection Camera,
RFID Protection, Wireless Charging
4.7 x 3.5 Inch (12 x 9 cm)
0.43 Inch (11 mm)
Weight:0.26 lb (120g)