Vision Toaster Color by Magimix

Vision Toaster Color by Magimix

PRICE: $ 274.95

Vision Toaster Color by Magimix

PRICE: $274.95
08 November 2019

The Vision Toaster allows you to toast, defrost or reheat all kind of bread: baguette, brioche, bagel, muffin, croissant. It's the first toaster that allows you to monitor the browning without interrupting the toasting process to check on your toast. Magimix toaster offers four settings: toast, defrost, bagel (one-sided toasting), reheat. Defrost function simultaneously defrosts then toasts bread and the reheat button reheats toast without drying.

Power:1450 W
Materials:Stainless steel, Aluminum sides, Glass
Dimensions:H8.9" x W15.6" x D7"
Weight:8.6 lb
Colors:Red, Black, Cream
Warranty:3 years