Transparent Speaker by Transparent Sound

Transparent Speaker by Transparent Sound

PRICE: € 1,000.00

Transparent Speaker by Transparent Sound

PRICE: €1,000.00
04 December 2019

Powerful yet balanced sound that fills any room. Made of aluminium and a tempered glass this speaker is designed to be as much an interior object as a great piece of technology. Comes with Bluetooth but it is also ready for whatever tech that might be useful in coming years. An aspiration to become better over time.


This speaker has been praised for its design and its audio quality. Rich bass, clear mid range and crisp highs, our speaker aims to produce a “transparent sound”, which means to have a neutral tuning and stay true to the recording. The front panel does however offer controls for any further adjustments.


Today many tech products become obsolete after only a year or so. We rather intend for this product to become better over time. The speaker comes with Bluetooth out of the box. There's no need for any app, they are set up like any BT accessory through a smartphone.

There is also a compartment in the back that can hold and power various wireless upgrades. We currently recommend Amazon™ Alexa's Echo Input for multiroom music over Wifi (similar functionality as a Sonos system). In this setup, each speaker that should be part of the wifi streaming should get an Echo Input device plugged in in the back/bottom. The Echo Input devices are then configured in the Alexa app. This setup also offers all the voice control features of the Alexa platform. The compartments in the back/bottom of the Transparent Speakers are designed to completely hide this kind of modules, and short cables are included.

Our speakers can also be part of an existing Sonos setup. Use a Sonos Connect or AMP hub and plug into our speaker(s) via cable. These Sonos Hubs are a bit bigger so they don't fit inside our speakers, but still convenient for those who want to buy a Transparent Speaker but continue to use their existing Sonos system.

The ambition is to be able to upgrade all speaker systems as ever new wireless technology develops. This way our customers can keep the product updated by their preference and change only a small part, instead of replacing the whole unit.

Dimensions (mm): 431 × 333 × 118

Weight: 11 kg

L/R Drivers: 2 × 3’’ (Full Range)

Woofer: 1 × 6.5’’

Amplifier: Class D built in (Active)

Output power: 80 - 100 W

Sealed Cabinet Volume: 10,2 l

Frequency Response: 35 Hz - 20 kHz ±5dB

High Quality Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

Front Controls: Volume, Bass and Treble

Line in: 2 x 3,5mm (front and back)

Usb Power Out Socket In Back

Cables: 2 X Audio Cables (long and short), 2 X

Power Cables (mains and USB)

Wireless: Bluetooth

“Toaster Slot” with power supply in back

Wall Mount: Brackets and screws included