The Micro+ 3D Printer by M3D

The Micro+ 3D Printer by M3D

PRICE: $ 349.00 $279.00

The Micro+ 3D Printer by M3D

PRICE: $349.00 $279.00
25 November 2019

The Micro+ is the updated version of the original consumer 3D printer. Recognized as the 'best 3D printer for beginners,' the Micro+ is compact, quiet and safe for young (and old) users likewise.

The Micro+ uses any standard, unchipped 1.75mm filament. It comes with free software and a manufacturer's warranty, micro motion sensor for accuracy and ease of use, USB cable, power adapter (Country-Specific) and instructions.

Printer Size (Outer Dimension):7.3" x 7.3" x 7.3"
Build Size:4.3" x 4.5" x 4.6"
Speed:Prints up to 45mm/s
Moves up to 60mm/s
Nozzle Size:0.35mm (replaceable)
Print Accuracy:50-350 micron layer heights