The Champagne Gun

The Champagne Gun

PRICE: $ 499.00

The Champagne Gun

PRICE: $499.00
05 March 2019

Incredibly fun, stylish, and a beautiful addition to your VIP event, this party weapon is completely harmless and can be loaded most magnum sized champagne bottles. The Champagne Gun includes a spray diffuser and a serving spout. Perfect for nightclubs, pool parties, boat trips, music festivals, and more champagne guns perfectly combine light hearted fun and elegant style.

Materials :Aluminum Frame with Plastic Shell Cover
Weight : 5 lbs without magnum / 10 lbs with a full magnum
Dimensions in inch : 24,2x8,2x5.4
Colors : 
Gold, Rose Gold, Chrome, Red, Pink
Works with :Magnum size bottles (1.5L) - All brands except "Special Bottles"
Works also with :Small bottles (750ml) with adapter included