PRICE: $ 249.99


PRICE: $249.99
16 January 2020

A new Alexa speaker, The Air by Cavalier Audio, is a speaker, meant to be by your bed or in your leaving room. This happens, because The Air needs to be  plugged in, in order anyone uses it. Its ''big'' size is another reason it cannot be considered as portable, still it is extremely light!

It has an aluminum skeleton, premium authentic leather, high quality acoustic textile, and exotic walnut wood. The Air is a 20W stereo speaker system with 2 active drivers and 2 passive radiators. Looking at The Air, you can see the quality craftsmanship involved with its build. This is a solid, well-made speaker and one that you don’t mind displaying out in the open.

You will find out, it is really easy to set up this speaker. Plug it into an outlet and download the Cavalier Audio App that will help complete the installation process. The Cavalier app is necessary, to set up the Wi-Fi connection on The Air and setting up the custom controls, multi-room configuration, and basic setup of Alexa. Real buttons are there for controlling the volume, audio controls, turning on and off the mic, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. Otherwise, you may use Alexa.

The Air also has a Smart Button. If tab it once while music plays, it pauses, if tap it again it resumes. If you tap it twice, it’ll skip to the next song. If you tap it three times, it goes back to the previous song. One other thing The Air features is a digital clock along with alert functionality. That makes The Air perfect for the bedside!

  • 20W Stereo Speaker system with 2 active drivers paired with 1 passive radiators
  • Genuine Materials: premium genuine leather, rich walnut wood, and high-quality acoustic fabric
  • Qi Wireless Charging for elegant device charging
  • Fast 2.4A USB Charging to enable multiple device power connectivity
  • Wi-Fi for Alexa support and Streaming with Voice Control for Pandora, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Amazon Prime Music streaming services and more
  • Bluetooth Wireless Audio Streaming
  • Speakerphone with Built-in Echo Noise Cancellation
  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery Backup for alarms and settings
  • Cavalier Setup and Control App (for iOS and Android)
  • Programmable Smart Button
  • Custom wall adapter

And more specs: https://cavalieraudio.com/collections/all-products/products/the-air