Tbox by yardian

Tbox by yardian

PRICE: $ 29.99

Tbox by yardian

PRICE: $29.99
19 December 2019

Tbox (or Terminal Box) is a weather-proof junction box that serves as an optional extender for your current sprinkler wiring system. 16 wires or zones may be connected to the Tbox. The Tbox extends the installation of your Yardian sprinkler controller to a location of your choice.

It offers you installation options, in case you cannot find a suitable location to best use the Yardian security camera function. The Tbox includes a 3.6 or 6 feet extension cable. You have the flexibility to install your Yardian from side yard to back yard or even inside your garage.

  • Tbox is a weatherproof junction box, working as an extender for your current sprinkler wiring.
  • As many as 16 wires can be connected to Tbox.
  • The cable is 3.6 ft or 6 ft ft in length.
  • With Tbox, you are granted with the utmost freedom to place your sprinkler controller to an ideal location.
  • Tbox size: 3.94” x 4.72” x 2.68”(10cm x 12cm x 6.8cm)
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty