Swurfer® Sway - The Wood Tree Swing

Swurfer® Sway - The Wood Tree Swing

PRICE: $ 69.99

Swurfer® Sway - The Wood Tree Swing

PRICE: $69.99
07 August 2019

The beautiful memories of our childhood and the swing can never be erased from the minds of many. Today, we are faced with so much workload that we forget how captivating it might be to relive those moments. If you are serious about reliving those memories, we have the best solution for you- the Swurfer® Sway.

It is a classic wooden tree swing, carefully sculptured to give you the best swing experience and to help you create new memories. It is constructed from durable maple wood and designed with a curved supportive seat shape, to help you balance comfortably and safely while you swing. The set also comes with a heavy duty soft brides rope, which can be hung as high as 12 feet, depending on your desired swing distance. Another innovative component is the UV resistant rope which protects the rope against sun damage, reducing the wear and tear effect.

Material:Strong Maple wood curved board
Heavy duty UV Protected Braided Rope
Holds:up to 150 lbs
Hangs:up to 12 feet high