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Swiftpoint Z - The Most Epic Gaming Mouse

The Swiftpoint Z gaming mouse is a multi-purpose mouse that comprises many amazing features, which will enable you to better enjoy operating a computer. The mouse is designed to provide an improved experience for PC gamers, designers, and also power users. Its unique features are what make this mouse stand out from the rest. It is the most superb gaming mouse you can find in the world now. Swiftpoint Z is the first mouse to have a tilt, a pivot, a roll function, and comes with new ways of clicking its buttons. It is equipped with highly sensitive sensors that enable you to access a variety of action buttons just by moving your fingers around the face of the mouse. Everything you do on this mouse is being sensed, and includes things like the speed of clicking, how hard you click, as well as the angle at which you click, providing tactile feedback and a response. And all this is to make you aware of how far you have clicked a button.

The Swiftpoint Z gaming mouse is equipped with a built-in gyroscope to provide stability and maintain a reference direction when you are navigating, and an accelerometer to measure the movement and vibration of the mouse. In addition, a force sensor as well as tactile feedback are there to offer you a more precise and faster mouse, of higher quality. The Z responds to any action that you take and gives you feedback to every click that you make in order to let you know its activation time.


The device is a multitasked one, in the sense that it performs the function of three different sets of devices depending on the type of function needed. It can function as a joystick, as a play station controller, and as a mouse. When you need to play a game that requires the use of a joystick, the mouse will provide it for you. If you want to play a game that requires a controller, the mouse will give it to you. And if you need a mouse for navigation, it will be there for you. The wonderful features of the Swiftpoint Z gaming mouse make it an exceptional mouse for all computer users, which results in a much improved experience. It also features an analog pitch roll and yaw operation, and has a flight extender accessory.

The Swiftpoint Z gaming mouse offers a huge boost in productivity for power users either at home or at work. Its speed and precision enable you to complete tasks on documents, emails and spreadsheets a lot quicker and better. When it comes to performing tasks like selecting and copying the text on your computer, the Z mouse makes the process a lot easier for you.


For all graphic designers out there searching for the best precision tools for their jobs, the Z mouse may even be the best one. This multi-functional device enables you to easier perform different functions like rotation and zooming. With Z, you can set brush thickness by using force sensitive buttons on software like Photoshop and illustrator. The line thickness depends on how hard you click the respective sensitive button.


If you are looking for the optimum computer experience, you should acquire the Swiftpoint Z gaming mouse. Its design offers you nothing but the best gaming, designing and task operations that are performed by a computer.