Squegg - The Smart Grip Strength Trainer

Squegg - The Smart Grip Strength Trainer

PRICE: $ 39.99

Squegg - The Smart Grip Strength Trainer

PRICE: $39.99
11 August 2019

Measure your hand grip strength in real time using the built-in hand dynamometer which measures and provide accurate digital reading of hand grip power. As a Bluetooth-enabled stress ball for adults, you can make use of the Squegg to enhance the flexibility of fingers and wrists.

The Smart grip strength trainer is a beautifully designed hand strengthening equipment coated in a finely textured silicon membrane that's pleasant to the touch and ensures a comfortable holding. You can easily compete against your friends with Squegg, the ergonomic finger exerciser & hand strengthener. Keep using the app daily to engage in grip trainer challenges and improve the hand grip, while easing the symptoms of tennis elbow and carpel tunnel. An excellent choice for rock climbers, tennis players, athletes and musicians.

Colors:Mint, Coral
Size:68*45*45 mm
Net Weight:66g
Battery Type:Lithium
Battery Charging Time:2 hours
Standby Time:160 days
Continuous Working Hours:80 hours
Water Resistant:Yes