Spa Shower by Nebia

Spa Shower by Nebia

PRICE: $ 499.00

Spa Shower by Nebia

PRICE: $499.00
16 June 2019

Made in the United States, this shower is the ultimate in stay-at-home shower luxury. It provides steady streams of water and steams out of the magnetic hand and with ten precision-tuned nozzles at the end of a 25 inches adjustable height shower head. It delivers millions of micro-drops so that you can hydrate your skin while you wash off. This shower is even adjustable for people of different heights. It can glide 25 inches up and down and has a 45-degree tilt movement to accommodate people at a range of heights.

With all of this, the Spa Shower still saves you up to 60% of water compared to a conventional shower.

The Spa Shower comes with a full self-installation kit and cleaning caps for easy maintenance. It only takes 10 minutes to install this water atomizer so that you can get to shower before you know it.

Compatibility Requirements:

Water Pressure:
35 – 100 psi / 2.4 – 6.9 bar

Water Heater Temperature:
At least 115° F / 46° C

Water outlet must exit the wall (not the ceiling),
recommended floor to water outlet distance: 72 – 84"/ 183 – 213cm.
Minimum clearance from water outlet to ceiling: 4"/ 10cm.
Minimum clearance from water outlet downward to temperature
controls (or other obstacles): 27"/ 68cm.
Minimum clearance from nearest side wall: 5"/ 13 cm

A ½" Female NPT (or ½" BSPT) pipe connection in your wall
(this is standard in most bathrooms)
Wall surface cannot be slate