Snapper Cane & Picker-Upper

Snapper Cane & Picker-Upper

PRICE: $ 59.95

Snapper Cane & Picker-Upper

PRICE: $59.95
16 August 2019

Are you having a disability related to back problems, surgery recovery, arthritis, disease or other ailment? The picker-upper grabbing function of the Snapper Cane can help you conquer all the activities of your daily living, thereby; providing you with peace of mind knowing you don’t have to try to juggle your bag, keys, wallet or purse and you remain safe and secure with the Snapper Cane.

The Snapper Cane is made sturdy with uncomplicated construction that nearly anybody has the ability to use and adjust. It features a hook which easily converts in a snap, without the need for tools. The Snapper Cane also features a hook you can use to secure it next to you for when you are ready to get up and get going again. It is made durable with corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum, the folding cane is exceptionally lightweight yet sturdy, safely supporting up to 250 pounds.

Sizes:33” - for users under 5’ 4” tall
36” - for users 5’ 4” and taller
Colors:Black, Silver, Purple