SmartScrew by MODRNTOOLS

SmartScrew by MODRNTOOLS

PRICE: $ 229.00 $129.00

SmartScrew by MODRNTOOLS

PRICE: $229.00 $129.00
09 July 2019

This pen-shaped silver-colored smart screwdriver is made of S2 aluminum alloy housing and is simple to use. It is specifically designed with flexible circuits to ensure long life and has a lithium-ion battery that is good for 8 continuous hours per charge.

The Smartscrew even comes with 3 LED shadowless lights so that you don't need that extra person to hold the light when you're using it. It does it for you.

In the box, you will find the 100% rechargeable Smartscrew, the charging cable, 56 bits for all kinds of jobs around the house, the magnetic pad, and the carrying case so that you won't lose the bits or the screwdriver while you're working on your many repair projects.

Material:Slim S2 aluminum
Battery:Lithium-ion Battery can work 8 hours continuously
Continuous no-load for 2 hours, and endurance for 180 days
Includes:Rechargeable SmartScrew
Charging Cable
56 Bits
SmartScrew Magnetic Pad
SmartScrew Carrying Case