Smart Wine Preservation & Dispenser by Albicchiere

Smart Wine Preservation & Dispenser by Albicchiere

PRICE: € 249.00

Smart Wine Preservation & Dispenser by Albicchiere

PRICE: €249.00
28 January 2020

Smart Wine Preservation & Dispenser by Albicchiere is a product which maintains your glass of wine at the ideal temperature. It also preserves the quality of your wine for up to 6 months since you open it. Albi -for short- is an all-in-one solution, to keep your wine safe for up to 8x longer than other devices. By using Albi app you can set your wine at your preferred temperature, or at the recommended one, given by wineries. 

Albicchiere uses NFC technology that automatically recognizes the wine inside and will bring it to the ideal serving temperature for any specific type of wine. Albi is the smartest wine dispenser on the market and it will happily pour you a glass of wine if you ask. ''Make sure you say please''.

You can browse new wines, place an order, get recommendations and set the temperature of the wine so it is ready to enjoy when you get home.

Albi is a portable wine dispenser to use around the house and outdoors thanks to its charging dock.

When changing the temperature of the wine it will need a plug into the power socket. Albi will maintain the temperature and pour wine whilst not plugged into mains power.

Albi's Smart Wine Bags are washable and reusable! For the Smart Wine Bags, we have created a BPA Free packaging that lets us reduce by 40% the carbon footprint and by 90% the weight of our container in comparison with glass bottles. Thanks to this system you can store more bags in your fridge, so more red and white wine will be available for tasting, 33% more than with glass bottles.

  • Dimensions: W20cm x D25cm x H40cm
  • Weight: 4kg
  • Screen Size: 4.3'' display
  • WiFi: Enabled
  • NFC Reader: Smart Wine Bag automatically recognised
  • Temperature System: 160W
  • Smart Wine Bags: 75cl
  • Voice Assistant: Alexa, Google Home, Siri (Apple Home Kit)