Smart Glasses by Solos

Smart Glasses by Solos

PRICE: $ 499.00

Smart Glasses by Solos

PRICE: $499.00
24 May 2019

It is popularly said that the eyes serve as one of the windows to the body; hence the need to adequately protect them. Solos bring good news to the world of sportspersons with the production of beautiful and sleek smart sunglasses. The sunglasses create a natural way of seeing, hearing and effective communication with members of your team. The features are a bundle of awesome specifications which make it outstanding among others.

This smart glass has a high-resolution display that aids optimal visibility and gives a sharp display in various light intensity. The microphone or micro speakers feature aids communication and because of its closeness to the ears, you can listen to music with it while you train. It has a lithium power cell which can be recharged and lasts long. Solos smart glasses can help you unleash the potentials that can make you a better team player!

Weight and Dimensions:Product Dimensions: 160x180x50mm
Product Weight: 65gr
Vista Module: 45 x 12 x 5.5 mm
Vista Pupil Display Dimen.: 45.04 mm (L) × 12.1 mm (W) × 5.78 mm (T)
Display:Widescreen WQVGA 16:9 microdisplay (428×240 pixels)
Sunlight readable – high contrast and brightness
Virtual image appears is 3x larger than typical bike computer
Field of View (FOV) 10.68
Audio:Dual digital microphones
Dual projection speakers, in-ear headphones
Battery:Integrated battery
Battery type: Lithium ion
5V + 0.25V / -0.6V (USB)
Rechargeable via MicroUSB connector
Battery life: 5+ hours typical use
Operating temperature range: -20°C-60°C
Charging temperature range: 0°C-45°C
Connectivity:Bluetooth Classic and Smart @ 2.4GHz
ANT+ sensors
Micro USB – recharging port
Interface:3- button tactile input
Dual digital microphones in-frame