Shoal Tent by SmithFly

Shoal Tent by SmithFly

PRICE: $ 1,999.00

Shoal Tent by SmithFly

PRICE: $1,999.00
07 April 2019

If you love camp on farm lake with spring streams or whirlpools on your favorite river, the Shoal Tent by SmithFly is the ideal floating tent for your adventures.You just need to inflate it and then you're ready to go rafting your way to a good night's sleep. The Shoal Tent is also extremely comfortable on the inside. The floor is a six-inch thick drop fabric, which turns it into an air mattress.


Outside 8’x8′ footprint
Inside comfortable allowance for people up to 6′-3″ tall laying down
Standing room is up to 6′-3″ in the middle
Weight:Approx. 50 pounds
Storage Bag:It packs down into a burrito roll style carry and storage bag approx. 60″x 24″x 18″
Tent's Fabric:Waterproof, sealed with heavy duty zippers
Included:Storage bag, patch kit and manual foot pump