Road Shower 4-7 Gallons

Road Shower 4-7 Gallons

PRICE: $ 399.95

Road Shower 4-7 Gallons

PRICE: $399.95
21 April 2019

The Road Shower 4 pressurizes 4-7 gallons of water on the road so that you can take a shower while camping, have extra drinking water, or have extra water to wash your hands. Sitting on top of your vehicle, it pressurizes your water and if it is a nice sunny day, then it will warm the water using its powder-coated aluminum so that you can have a warm shower at the end of your adventures. You will always know the temperature of your water because of an LCD thermometer which tells you the temperature of it in Fahrenheit and Celcius. It mounts to most racks so that you can take it anywhere that you drive. It holds enough water for 3-4 showers, and does this with a Shrader style air valve, allowing you to pressurize the water on the go.

Tank Dimensions:
55″ x 7.4″ x 5.74″
Tank Capacity:
Holds 7 gallons of water with 2 gallons of air space.
Empty: 26 lbs
Full: 77 lbs
Material:Powder Coated Aluminum