Renegade M Backpack by Pangolin Co

Renegade M Backpack by Pangolin Co

PRICE: $ 240.00

Renegade M Backpack by Pangolin Co

PRICE: $240.00
24 November 2019

The Renegade M Backpack is the Design Award Winner in Colombia (2010) and is inspired by the pangolin animal's biomechanics. Using this animal from the armadillo family as a reference, Pangolin Co. has designed the pangolin TM series. This backpack is made approximately with 50% of recycled tire inner tubes from truck tires together with fine fabric, and is the true reflection of the brand, half machine & half beast. Outside it features airflow back channels for comfort and ergonomics, padded adjustable shoulder straps, clip closure on the top of the back, reflective detailing, both sides. Inside it features zippered compartment for Ipad / Ipad 2, practical organizers pockets with Velcro closure and small zippered compartment.

Volume:Ipad / Ipad 2
Weight:1550 gr
Dimensions:Mm: 270 L x 370 Wx 440 H

Inches: 10.62 L x 14.56 W x 17.32 H