Regain Hand Grasp - Part 2 by Neofect NeoMano

Regain Hand Grasp - Part 2 by Neofect NeoMano

PRICE: € 274.00 €137.00

Regain Hand Grasp - Part 2 by Neofect NeoMano

PRICE: €274.00 €137.00
11 February 2020

Auxiliary glove that supports paralyzed fingers. 

NeoMano is a wearable, soft robotic hand by Neofect, that enables and empowers people with hand paralysis to execute day-to-day activities. It fits over the thumb, index, and middle finger while leaving the other fingers and part of the hand uncovered. With the use of NeoMano, people with paralysis can move their fingers to perform activities like hold and drink a cup of water, brush their teeth, or turn a doorknob to open a door. It does this by providing active grasp to maintain grip, followed by passive release. Neomano offers  independence and confidence. 

People who suffer from hand disfunction because of spinal cord injury (SCI), stroke, Lou Gehrig's disease (ALS), multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy and nerve injury can use it.  Please note that the range of product use may differ by the diagnosis and individual hand function. 

  • Users can grasp a knife and exert force onto the utensil to cut food, such as fruits.
  • Users can grasp a fork to pick up food and have a meal.
  • Users can grasp a spoon to lift food and have a meal.
  • If the wrist functions properly, Users can grasp a water bottle to pour water into a cup. Users can hold a cup to drink water.
  • Users can hold a bottle and open the lid.
  • Users can grasp a pen to write texts or a signature.
  • Users can hold a cup and feed a dog.
  • Users can hold a golf club to putt a golf ball.
  • Users can hold a smart phone and take photos.
  • Users can grasp a medicine bottle and open a cap.

    There are other activities that users can do with NeoMano, such as:

    • Users can hold a toothbrush to brush their teeth.
    • Users can hold a razor to shave.
    • Users can hold a makeup brush to apply cosmetics.
    • Users can hold a hair comb to brush their hair.
    • Users can grab a brush to paint a picture.
    • Users can read a book as they flip the pages.
    • Users can hold a cellphone to make a phone call.

    A variety of everyday tasks with the use of an innovative device. Daily tasks can be difficult for people that don't have total functionality from their hand, which is why many rely on assistive devices or caregivers. NeoMano allows people to return to their daily-living activities and hobbies.

    The partial glove design allows tactile sensory input to part of the palm and exposed fingers, and the leather allows flexibility for everyday tasks. NeoMano can be used by people both in the comfort of their own homes and in public.

      • Arm band
      • Power Supply
      • The Bluetooth Wireless Remote Controller
      • The Glove

      Note: The tech spec and design can be changed in the future while developing the product.