Quarantine at home. How is it essential to exercise?

Get ready and create your own personal gym place at your home with these 3 gadgets. The perfect solution to get exercised anytime, at your place without losing track of your workout program.

1. A1 Home Rowing Machine by WaterRower

Have you ever thought rowing in your place? WaterRower gives you the opportunity to make your dream true. It is the perfect exercise machine to work out your body without stressing out your joints. It provides you with the most realistic out-of-water experience.

Moreover, with Home Rowing Machine you can choose to add more water to feel you are rowing a boat with a passenger or even adding less water to get the feeling you are rowing by yourself. This machine is durable and absorbs sound and vibration thanks to its frame material.

2. Smart Medicine Ball 6 pound by DU

If you are exercising at home this Smart Medicine Ball will be your best buddy. Is a weighted Smart Ball which pairs with your smart device (mobile or tablet) while at the same time you can easily combine cardio and strength exercises for quick and challenging at-home workouts.

It will teach you moves like Crunch Twists and Ice Skaters and offers to you a variety of full-body exercising programs. You can even set your target legs or abs and it will drive you into that. The Smart Medicine Ball will provide you with instant results and a simple way to track your progress.

3. KettlebellConnect™ - The Smart kettlebell by JAXJOX

The Smart Kettlebell is space-efficient gym equipment that will help you improve your physical status and keep you in shape. It features an easy-to-use switch to change weight even at mid-session.

You can connect with JaxJox smartphone App, to keep tracking your workouts, crunch your sets, reps and rest time and it will provide you with valuable fitness feedback. It has a 15 hours battery and can hold up to 6 users at a time.