Premium - Onyx Black by Sequentworld

Premium - Onyx Black by Sequentworld

PRICE: € 369.00 €240.00

Premium - Onyx Black by Sequentworld

PRICE: €369.00 €240.00
14 January 2020

A Swiss engineered automatic watch turned into smart technology achievement! This is a sustainable smartwatch, and it is 100% power autonomous. It can transform the kinetic energy into electrical power, while it is equipped with top precision sensors to track every activity you accomplish. 

This innovative technology will save millions of batteries every single year and the watches' performance can be in sight for mechanicals in real time

The components used, are eco-friendly and superior. 

A SuperCharger comes with the smartwatch, a device to offer an efficient use of energy  only when there is the need for it! Use the Sequent BioFeedback to run on your Android or iPhone and the double tap the crown. 

Now you can use your personal training program, your calorie burning rates and you have the option to check your daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly analysis. 

  • Analog real time activity tracker: Mechanical hands indication 
  • Infinite automatic self-charging: the more you move, the more you charge 
  • Waterproof up to 50 meters: Sweat, surf and swim proof 
  • Swiss design: premium quality in every sense
  • Eco-friendly made from ocean material: connected to the future 
  • 100% clean & infinite energy 
  • Automatic self-winding timepiece by default
  • Transforming 100% clean kinetic energy into electrical power by simple wearing it on your wrist
  • Providing a "world record" power autonomy by storing all generated energy in the built-in energy accumulator
  • "Smart on demand" concept, changing from a traditional automatic timepiece into a smartwatch at your convenience