PowerDolphin - Marine Drone by PowerVision

PowerDolphin - Marine Drone by PowerVision

PRICE: $ 999.00

PowerDolphin - Marine Drone by PowerVision

PRICE: $999.00
14 March 2019

In case you spend a lot of time and energy on water sports like driving a boat, fishing, diving or even being a rescuer, PowerDolphin should be your next purchase. It is a multifunctional drone which can be operated both for pleasure and work. PowerDolphin contains a 4K camera with an amazing resolution that can both shoot and record underwater and above the surface giving you the opportunity to capture unique moments of your fishing or diving experiences. Additionally, it includes a bait container that will make fishing more efficient and therefore, more fun.

The PowerDolphin is remotely controlled, and this makes it unique for rescue missions. It can also deliver emergency supplies for life saving situations like life jackets safer and faster than a rescue boat. PowerDolphin gives you the opportunity to attach other products on it so you can enjoy the ultimate marine experience.

Camera:4K HD
Remote Control Range:
High Resolution Real-time Video Transmission:
Battery Life:2 Hours
High Speed Mode: 5.00m/s
Middle Speed Mode:3.00m/s
Low Speed Mode:2.00m/s