Plum (Individual) - The Wine Preservation Appliance

Plum (Individual) - The Wine Preservation Appliance

PRICE: $ 1,999.00

Plum (Individual) - The Wine Preservation Appliance

PRICE: $1,999.00
14 August 2019

Preserve your wine by making use of the Plum Wine Individual preservation appliance, designed exclusively to preserve wine and delivering the perfect glass. Its unique design uses the system’s pressure to pour wine through carefully placed and sized hole. Wine connoisseurs will appreciate this compact wine preservation appliance for keeping their favorite bottles close at hand and ready to serve. The classic design style is a sophisticated addition to your decor. Get it with an antique finish for a timeless look. Perfect in any room with its attractive and durable finish.

Whether for the office, yacht or home, the Plum appliance is a centerpiece of any living space. It is designed with patented technology to ensure that nothing will spoil the taste of your wine, even after many years.

In the Box:Plum appliance, power cord, argon canister, getting started guide
Argon:Refillable argon canister preserves up to 150 bottles
Needle:Dual-core stainless steel needle
Connectivity:2.4GHz b/g/n WiFi, wired Ethernet port, Bluetooth 4.1
Cooling:Dual thermoelectric solid state cooling chambers
Dimensions:15” wide, 17” high, 20.5” deep
Weight:65 pounds
Finish:Brushed stainless steel shell (No. 4 finish), molded front panel
Speed:Standard 5-ounce glass in 12 seconds
Warranty:One-year limited warranty