pHin Pool & Hot Tub Care by ConnectedYard

pHin Pool & Hot Tub Care by ConnectedYard

PRICE: $ 349.00

pHin Pool & Hot Tub Care by ConnectedYard

PRICE: $349.00
28 September 2019

pHin Pool and Hot Tub care is a smarter approach to measure your sanitizer, vessels’ pH, and temperature over a thousand times every week. Many factors such as sunlight exposure and temperature can affect your water chemistry. Intelligent pHin detects these factors, analyze the collected information, and sends you recommended and necessary actions to maintain the quality of your pool or hot tube.

Featuring a simple color-changing disk design, the device monitors your water quality and notifies you with a dedicated color code when you need to take steps and action.

The companion app lets you receive alerts when it’s necessary to add chemical and suggests the appropriate amount to add. Through the smartphone app, you can scan your chemical barcode and calculate the exact amount you have to apply.

For dependable pool and hot tub monitoring and care device, order pHin care now.

Includes1 pHin Smart Monitor
1 pHin Wireless Bridge
1 Year Monitoring Service
AppAlerts & Instructions
Chemical PodsPre-Measured Water-Soluble