Phantom Reactor 600 - The Wireless Speaker by Devialet

Phantom Reactor 600 - The Wireless Speaker by Devialet

PRICE: $ 1,090.00

Phantom Reactor 600 - The Wireless Speaker by Devialet

PRICE: $1,090.00
09 June 2019

The Wireless Speaker by Devialet : Smaller than a breadbox, but immensely powerful, Phantom Reactor is a wireless speaker that fits in your hands. With up to 900 Watts of peak power and 98 blasting decibels with a frequency response of 18Hz to 21kHz, this small speaker packs an extremely concentrated punch.

With an open architecture, you can use Wi-Fi, optical, analog, or Bluetooth, you can have your music your way. Get right to the music you love, with Spotify Connect, Airplay, Optical Cable, UPnP, and Analogue.

The physical impact of the Phantom Reactor is immense with infra bass, allowing you to feel the music with your body, going lower pitch than the limits of your hearing. With 981 parts which are protected by 160 patents, this small-but-large home speaker is set up to give you premium sound, with zero background noise, zero saturation, and zero distortion, making the audiophile within you happy.

Loudspeakers:1 x Aluminum Full-Range driver
2 x Aluminum Bass drivers
Digital to Analog Converter:Devialet DAC embedded in ADH3 intelligence
24bits / 96 & 192kHz
THD: -112dB
Processor:ARM Cortex-A9 1.25GHz processor 512MB DDR3-1600 memory
Side Plating:Body: white RAL 9016
White matte stainless steel sides
Dimension:Width: 219 mm | Height: 157 mm | Depth : 168 mm
Weight:4.3 kg
Total Volume:3L