NoMO - No More Odor by JPaulJones™

NoMO - No More Odor by JPaulJones™

PRICE: $ 99.00

NoMO - No More Odor by JPaulJones™

PRICE: $99.00
28 February 2019

If you're looking for a device to eliminate unwanted toilet odor and unpleasant smells, it's time to meet NoMO. It's an air purifying appliance specifically designed for toilets that provides comfort and clean air for any bathroom and home environment. NoMO vacuums toiler air from its inlet located directly under the toilet seat, scrubs the air in its Complex AC Filtration system, and returns purified and odor-free air to the environment.

NoMO is ideal for those who are sharing a living space, those who like to host gatherings and parties. NoMo removes odor and situational awkwardness. All benefit from NoMO’s advanced technology. It can be easily installed on any standard toilet in minutes and wipes clean with ease.

Charging Voltage:17.2
Charge Time:2 Hours
Discharge Time:3.5 Hours (Manual Mode)
Dimensions:15”x 6”x 8.5”