Nomad - The Ultimate Gaming Earphone by Echobox

Nomad - The Ultimate Gaming Earphone by Echobox

PRICE: $ 399.00 $249.00

Nomad - The Ultimate Gaming Earphone by Echobox

PRICE: $399.00 $249.00
13 September 2019

Echobox Nomad is a gaming earphone that let you enjoy sound and music without missing a beat. “Echobox Audio” quality ensure you get the best possible sound ever while quality materials makes Nomad last into years.

Genuine hardwood plus a 300mw amplifier design helps produce deep acoustics while innovative sound technology lets you control and maintain the ambient sound. Its ergonomics makes for comfortable listening — Nomad perfectly stays snug into your ears. Also, the anti-tangle cable offers hassle-free listening experience.

The earphone is resistant to sweat and throw, which helps safeguard Nomad from sweat and any gaming tirades. Made of hypoallergenic materials, Echobox Nomad is gentle on the skin and safe. Either for personal use or gift to someone you care about, you’ll love Nomad. For a professional gaming and listening experience, order now.

Cable StyleiPhone Microphone Edition,
Android Microphone Edition
Expansive Sound StageFor Wide-Spread In-Game Audio Performance
StyleIn-Ear wear, For Use with VR Headsets
TechnologySignature PEEK Dynamic Driver for Powerful & Detailed Audio.
Constructed FromSolid Titanium Housings
Military-Grade Noise IsolationComply™ Thermal Reactive Ear-Tips
Hypoallergenic, Sweat Resistant & Throw ResistantWithstands any Gaming Tirades
Sound Customization SystemAcoustic Filter Tuning
Cable ConnectionMMCX, Replaceable